Humans can live in deserts, on high mountain regions, coastal plains, river valleys even on water. Every part of the earth has been colonised by our species. From the freezing Arctic and Antarctic to the humid tropical equator humans have found ways to survive and thrive. Other species are more particular.

Birds may be almost everywhere but each species of bird fills a particular niche habitat. Birds are particular about where they live. They return to the same area year after year to breed or to winter over, sometimes travelling many thousands of miles. They defend their area from rivals and when their environment is changed through nature or human interference the species may struggle to survive. Conversely when humans change the landscape other species may find the changed environment to their liking, move in and multiply.

New Zealand was one of the last places on earth to be colonised by humans and their impact on the landscape can be measured by the multitude of species now extinct. The relationship between living things and the natural world is everything.