There are twelve species of shags or cormorants are found in New Zealand.

Black footed shags

  • Black shag or kawau (Native)
  • Pied shag  or karuhiruhi (Native)
  • Little black shag or kawau tui (Native)
  • Little shag or kawau paka (Native)

Pink footed shags

  • King shag or kawau pateketeke (Endemic and rare with less than 1000 birds) Found only in the Marlborough Sounds.
  • Stewart Island shag or kawau (Endemic)
  • Chatham Island shag (Endemic)
  • Bounty Islands shag (Endemic)
  • Auckland Island shag (Endemic)
  • Campbell Island shag (Endemic)

Yellow footed shags

  • Spotted shags, parekareka or kawau tikitiki (Endemic)
  • Pitt Island shag (Endemic)

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