Birds in this group arrived in New Zealand without the assistance of people and have survived to breed. Some of these birds have been here for a very long time and have Maori names. They include piwakawaka, kotare, ruru and pukeko.

One of the latest species to arrive is the welcome swallow which became established in the mid 20th century. All the birds in this grouping can be found overseas, most commonly in Australia.

Some native birds do not live in New Zealand all year round. They migrate to breed here, like the long tailed and shining cuckoos.

There is also a small group of birds called migrants, who visit NZ for part of the year but do not breed here. Birds in this group include the kuaka (bar-tailed godwit) , hauhou (red knot), turnstone and also several sea birds which roam the southern oceans visting New Zealand on occasion.

Amongst this group are visitors, birds which are only occasional seen. With climate change we may see more newcomers who arrive and stay, manage to survive, breed and slowly become established. They will increase our tally of native species.

The native birds in my ‘hood can be found below.