New life

Some birds are now rearing their first batch of young and you may spot them demanding food, trying their wings or parading with mum and dad close by.

My neighbour rescued a fledgling from his cats. It was a young barbary dove. This surprized me as I hadn’t spotted any adults in the area. So another bird species to add to my local list.

At the local park the black swans are supervising their brood. I know there will be more chicks around soon and I will have to keep a watchful eye on the hedges and shrubs to spot them as they first leave their nests. Over my back fence the pukeko may soon have small, black, furry balls on enormous feet following them in the long grass. Young birds are really cute with their short tails or fluffy feathers and they all seem to have huge appetites.

Keep watching and you may spot them in your garden too.

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