Citizen Science

Birds are beautiful to watch and interesting to study but it’s not just the scientists that can discover new facts. Citizen science projects are a great opportunity for everyone to take part in research. There is no age barrier to many of these science projects, anyone can take part.


If you’d like to help our researchers and you love birds especially our beautiful kererū then you should check out the Great NZ Kerurū Count which start on October 1.

The more people taking part the better the data collected and the more accurate the research findings. So keep your eyes open for kererū and add your observation to all the others coming in from around New Zealand. This is one way to help ensure that in 10, 20 or 50 years you will still be able to admire these beautiful birds in natural habitats in your neighbourhood.

Good luck. Hope you get to see lots of these endemic birds near your home or school.

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